Smart, safe, and reliable

Particularly in harsh environments, where technology must function 24/7 under the most extreme conditions, there is a great need for total solutions merging energy, data, and functionality into one cable. This need stems from efficiency reasons, but also from safety requirements becoming increasingly stringent. One single spark caused by a bad connection can have disastrous consequences. That’s why USE System Engineering developed a unique proprietary platform: Contactless Energy and Data Distribution (CEDD®).

Modular total solution

CEDD® is a modular total solution combining the merging of energy, data, and functionality into one cable with contactless, spark-free nodes. The system is highly reliable and extremely safe at the same time. What’s more, CEDD® integrates a lot of smart additional functionality, e.g. for monitoring the performance of installations down to the level of the individual lamps. This makes (preventive) maintenance more efficient and, hence, saves costs.

Areas of application

CEDD® is ideally suited for systems with (long) cables to which sensors and actuators are connected, especially when said systems are used under severe conditions as seen at airports, in offshore installations (such as drilling platforms), and in tunnels and other infrastructural structures and components. It’s no coincidence that we’ve made our mark in these very areas of application − right up until today.

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