USE System Engineering

Cutting edge technology? Thinking out of the box? Absolutely. But at USE System Engineering we take things several steps further. We want to make a difference, and help turn the world into a better and safer place. To that end we give free rein to disruptive thinking, about revolutionary solutions that work optimally under all conditions. Solutions that do what they need to do for people. And more.

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Particularly in harsh environments, where technology must function 24/7 under the most extreme conditions, there is a great need for total solutions merging energy, data, and functionality into one cable.

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At USE System Engineering we always go for groundbreaking technology. At the same time we attach equal importance to possible benefits to be achieved in areas such as convenience, efficiency, and cost reduction

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Are you that special someone with a higher / academic technical education determined to be the best at what you do and always going for optimum results? Are you immune to fear of failure?

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Made for harsh environments

Our solutions are made to function 24/7 in harsh environments; places that are exposed to the elements, where systems are beleaguered by immense forces − e.g. in airport touchdown areas − as well as places where ordinary people are required to do (maintenance) work that is stressful by definition. We make things as easy as possible.

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Eelde Airport chose CEDD® AGL

At Eelde Airport (GAE) in Groningen (The Netherlands), USE, in cooperation with Dura Vermeer and Possehl, fitted a runway lighting system with CEDD® AGL technology.
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Smart road surface makes merging more efficient

Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch department of Waterways and Public Works) used a special variety of USE’s DRM (Dynamic Lane Marking) system for an experiment called “Smart road surfaces: electronically guided merging”.
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